Dear (Younger) Lawrence,

This is one of many letters I'm going to write to my high school self. This is a letter I wish I had gotten in the mail as I started my summer leading up to college. This is a letter I'm writing in hopes of helping someone else transition from being tucked under the protective… Continue reading Dear (Younger) Lawrence,

The Longer Introduction

I am the son of Shunfu Hu and Ning Yong, two Chinese immigrants that escaped the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution to the United States in the late 90's.┬áBefore my brain became capable of making memories, my family relocated south from my birthplace in Oshkosh to Edwardsville, Illinois, where my father had landed a new… Continue reading The Longer Introduction

The Shorter Introduction

Nice to meet you,┬ámy name is Lawrence Hu. Not a lot of people realize it, but I'm someone that's rather obsessed with documenting things and keeping them orderly. It's ironic because you'll see my side of the room looking like someone put it through the dryer. Personally, I had been writing on and off, keeping… Continue reading The Shorter Introduction