you are your own maker.

I believe that with enough dedication, hard work and motivation, anyone can achieve anything (within reason, of course). In a society that values the individual so much, it's no wonder the American Dream has been around since the very beginning. I have broken free from any confining path. I don't believe in meeting standards set… Continue reading you are your own maker.

My Life: Decluttered

I started writing partly because I was dissatisfied with some points that self-improvement books pointed out and instead wanted something that could fit my lifestyle. However, I'm still willing to accept challenges that others, like The Minimalists, have come up with. I went a step further with theirs, and tossed it up a little bit as… Continue reading My Life: Decluttered

Be My Friend

Every New Year's Eve, I clean out my Facebook friends list by unfriending people who I no longer have a genuine connection with. Usually, I find that they’re people I skip over or are no longer relevant to me -- someone who I’ve lost connection to. This year, I went the full mile and brought… Continue reading Be My Friend

Hollow Shells

The average human brain weighs about 3 pounds; in North America, the average human weighs around 180 pounds. Take a moment to consider that an organ that makes up less than 2% of your body's mass has control over absolutely everything. Those trillions of neural connections communicating with each other that allows the human mind… Continue reading Hollow Shells