Dear Elijah,

Nothing in today's world beats the feeling of opening your mailbox and seeing it filled with colorful envelopes, addressed anywhere from California to Riga, the capital of Latvia. You can learn the experiences of people from all over the globe. All it takes is 49 cents to mail a letter to anywhere in the United States,… Continue reading Dear Elijah,

The Second Week

There's nothing like standing in the doorway to your tiny dorm room and thinking, "what/who could I possibly throw away/cut off/get to know better?" 70 times over the course of what was the second week undertaking my personal version of The Minimalists' game. My room is tidy now, cleaner than it's ever been. Like The Minimalists said themselves, you… Continue reading The Second Week

The Happy Pills

After seeing a seemingly endless number of therapists, I was convinced that I needed medications to feel good, to feel like a normal person again. Merely talking to someone about how I felt and my problems just didn't seem to be getting results, which led me to think, “people smoked to get high and drank… Continue reading The Happy Pills

My Life: Decluttered

I started writing partly because I was dissatisfied with some points that self-improvement books pointed out and instead wanted something that could fit my lifestyle. However, I'm still willing to accept challenges that others, like The Minimalists, have come up with. I went a step further with theirs, and tossed it up a little bit as… Continue reading My Life: Decluttered

Be My Friend

Every New Year's Eve, I clean out my Facebook friends list by unfriending people who I no longer have a genuine connection with. Usually, I find that they’re people I skip over or are no longer relevant to me -- someone who I’ve lost connection to. This year, I went the full mile and brought… Continue reading Be My Friend

the way it should be.

You should not, cannot, put your love into an object. Whether it's a piece of technology or a vehicle, anything replaceable does not deserve your attachment. As my friend Alex Ward suggested, I challenge you to stop saying "I love [object]". Love someone, not something.  People are not replaceable, things are. We should keep it that way. Quoted from… Continue reading the way it should be.

Sixty-Six Days

Apparently, that’s the amount of time the University College London found it takes to form a habit. However, that number can range anywhere from a mere 18 days to as long as 254. According to their study, each individual selected a "self chosen-health promoting dietary or activity behaviour in response to a once-daily cue ...". Once… Continue reading Sixty-Six Days