Feed Lawrence

Hey there. I’m really glad you clicked on this page because that means someone is interested in sending me money! Why are they interested? Maybe because they like my decent-looking face! Maybe because they are so wealthy that PayPal is their way of making it rain. Or maybe, they enjoy my content so much that they’re willing to feed me so that I don’t die and can continue writing.

There is only one thing that I require to write, and that is cellular respiration. If you’re not too savvy with biology, it’s basically turning sugar into energy, which then allows my brain to tell my fingers to type these very words!  I’m very into transparency, so here is a list of things that your contribution will be going towards the following (in that order):

1. Funding a premium WordPress Plan.

In order to get that not-so-sexy .wordpress.com out of my domain, I need exactly $35.88 to do it. I don’t know why it’s so specific, ask the people over at WordPress HQ. This will allow me to get more storage space for photos, remove all WordPress ads and get some snazzy features.

2. Pay off debt.

Self-explanatory. Like most people my age, I’m not making a decent enough income to pay off all those student loans or credit card debt, so your money will be going towards saving my ass from collection agencies.

3. Feeding Lawrence Hu.

I figured I might add my full name just in case someone thought they were feeding someone else.

If you’re still awake and/or interested, please click the very large text at the bottom fo this page. Anything and everything is appreciated tremendously, and feel free to send a message along with it! Cheers.

Thanks for reading.