you are your own maker.

I believe that with enough dedication, hard work and motivation, anyone can achieve anything (within reason, of course). In a society that values the individual so much, it’s no wonder the American Dream has been around since the very beginning.

I have broken free from any confining path. I don’t believe in meeting standards set by others; only ones that I have set myself are worth striving for. Being a part of a very small minority has taught me to open as many doors as possible and make a solitary promise to myself: leave behind a legacy, no matter how much time it takes.

In the United States, we’re given roughly 60 years to do anything we wish. Starting at age 18 until the ripe age of 75, you can indulge in drugs or get your education, spend time traveling or writing a book, serving your country or teaching the citizens of it — it’s all up to you. So go on and take your first steps.

What are you waiting for?